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Don't fall for the scams on craig's list and other sites offering a rental for an outrageously cheap deposit. Licensed agents also always meet you in person at the rental, prior to exchanging money to hold the rental. Rule is: If it's too good... Read more

New Listing in Ewa Beach ~ Ocean Pointe

I love my new listing...perfect size in such a peddle friendly neighborhood. Everyones riding bikes in Ewa Beach these days. The new shops are so pretty, the sun is pretty much always shinning and the beach is long and sandy. I know there is traffic in th... Read more

Hawaii GE Tax Law

You have to pay GE Tax if you have a rental in Hawaii. Check out the link below and feel free to call me if you have questions. I can help you with your property management needs: http://files.hawaii.gov/tax/legal/info/rent_bro.pdf... Read more


It's finally Friday-Yippee! Yes, I work on weekends but I still get excited on Friday...let me have my weekend bliss even if it's it's only in my memories of younger years when Fridays meant the kids, my husband, and I were all free and would ... Read more

Feels like it should be Friday already right?!

Today feels like it's Friday already or I want it to me anyway. I stayed up way too late thinking about this and that, colors of my signs, and more. It is a journey and I hope to steal quiet moments to just sit back and take it all in. An old friend p... Read more

It's almost Friday - woohooo!

It's almost Friday, WoooHOOO! I love my weekends. Spent the week tweaking my website and getting set up with AppFolio peeps to have the property management part of my business hopefully up and running by early next week. Tenants and Owners will have t... Read more

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