Wow the winds and rain in Kaneohe the last 24 hours really made a mess of my 14 year old came in this am and said "do you think I even have school?" which I said "of course you have school 'snowdaywannabe' boy!" The sky is blue now however and I even saw a rainbow over my neighbors house earlier where I hadn't seen one before. Rainbows are Hawaii for sure ~ I will never tire of seeing them, they say all will be well and good to me. If you are on the mainland and find yourself in a chilly little spot inside or out then it's time to take a peak at the listings on my site. Think about having your own little Hawaiian getaway. ps. Inter Island fairs to Maui, Kaui, and Lanai are like under $60 one way I read this am if you travel before April 5th I think it was on Island Air Check it out: