Honolulu will see about 2000 or so new fancey kind bikes by the first quarter of 2016 -- check out "Bikeshare Hawaii" on FB for more information...yesssss couldn't be happier about this green news. Bikers are happier people you know--I am just saying. We will aslo see the old "Crouching Lion Restaurant" getting a make over and I am pleased with that news but it was sold to a top California sushi producer, soooo likely abig bummer for the fishes in the sea. And then....there is "Treetops Restaurant" in Manoa. That 47 year old eatery has a new kitchen, dance stage, and lounge to seat up to 250 people. Who wants to check it out with me-back in business Monday. I am sure I can find something vegan on their menu. Always thinking about the next generation in all I do. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Aloooohhha and TGIalmostFriday!